What we do
TechSquare is a team of experienced System Administrators who are dedicated to helping businesses and educational institutions achieve computing nirvana. We are not affiliated with any software or hardware companies and are brand independent. As a result, we have a breadth of experience working with an extensive array of hardware and software.

How we can help you
We will design, upgrade and maintain your computing environment, working within your budget to help you achieve operational success. Whether you have a 500 node computer cluster, a high availability web presence, or a single desktop in need of care, TechSquare can help.

As early as the 1950′s, and the advent of the modern computer, two groups of computer users emerged. The researchers, students, and professors were in one group, all competing for precious cycles. Their main concern was running their jobs and getting results. The other group, the so called priesthood, maintained the computers. They busied themselves with performance tuning, software installs, system maintenance and security.

TechSquare is comprised System Administrators from this priesthood. And TechSquare consultants are not only great SysAdmins, but they are great people too [if we do say so ourselves]. The ability to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical people is a requirement at TechSquare.

Ten SysAdmins for the Price of One
Everyone at TechSquare works as a team. Being in constant contact with each other allows us to quickly pool resources to conquer tough problems. Our clients also typically have two people at their disposal, a primary contact and secondary contact. In these ways our customers get an entire group of SysAdmins at their disposal, even if they typically only see one.

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