Who we Hire
Like nearly all companies working in the exploding computer market, we are always looking for the right individuals to join our growing family. But given the tight-knit nature of the TechSquare team, and our commitment to providing the best service for our customers, we are extremely selective in our hiring process.

Excellent technical expertise and superb people-skills. We don’t hire someone solely on the merits of their technical expertise- they also need great communication skills. The ability to listen, explain yourself, keep a cool head, and in times of stress calm everyone down can be equally important to knowing the solution.

Commitment to Our Employees
From the very beginning TechSquare has been committed to providing the best environment for our employees. We want our people to love and be challenged by their job.

TechSquare employees may work on several contracts in a given week. As such, TechSquare employees must be self starters and have the ability to manage their time wisely. In addition to client work, every employee spends a few hours a week at the office working on internal projects or doing research.

SysAdmin Apprentices
One of the principal ideas at the foundation of the TechSquare model is apprenticeship. SysAdmins don’t cut their chops in school. They do it with long hours of study, lots of experience and good co-workers who set good examples and are good teachers. At TechSquare we push each other to be the best SysAdmins we can be. We do this by sharing our experiences, standardizing our ‘best-practices’ methods, pooling our knowledge and contributing to the TechSquare document library.

Seasoned SysAdmins
With a long list of exciting and innovative clients, from the very brightest minds at MIT to the World Wide Web Consortium, TechSquare offers a challenging and stimulating environment. We are constantly working on bleeding edge technology, breaking in the latest hardware, figuring out how the coolest new software works, tackling heterogeneous network issues and making old equipment work better than it has any right to- these are the constant challenges that keep us interested. The strength and pleasure of having immediate access to a talented peer group with which to collaborate can never be underestimated.

Are you right for TechSquare? Peruse our web site and get a feel for the type of Service we provide. If you like what you hear and think you can contribute, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


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