Our Clients
TechSquare clients include Large Cap companies, small research laboratories, E-commerce web sites, 500+ computer clusters, home offices and everything in between.

Over the years we’ve helped a variety of people, companies, and institutions. A dot-com startup, racing to get out the door, has a completely different set of politics, processes, and issues than a large bureaucratic institution like a University. Here again our agility in both technical and social issues serves us well.

Here is a sampling of customers we have had since 1997:

Fortune 500 Companies

  • IBM
  • Fidelity Investment
  • ITG
  • Stratus Computer
  • Lotus Development Corp

Our first contract was setting up a new UNIX and NT fileservers for the Architecture Department at MIT. We work with individual departments with specific needs beyond the local IS department, or departments who have realized that having Grad students maintain the local cluster is no longer a viable option.

High-Tech Startups
These companies are often starting off with no equipment and need to get their company operational as soon as possible. TechSquare can make recommendations on equipment to purchase for servers, workstations, networking, and co-location facilities. After the initial frenzy we can either setup a typical contract or help new full-time SysAdmins transition in.

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