Typical Hardware and Software Support
We have extensive experience supporting a wide range of *nix operating systems as well as Windows variants. We do most of our work with various distributions of Linux, however, we do see a fair amount of AIX, HPux, FreeBSD and Solaris among others.

We have extensive experience installing, configuring and maintaining:

  • Databases [MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle]
  • DNS [bind, dnsmasq, 3rd party solutions]
  • Email Servers [sendmail, exim, postfix, qmail]
  • Email List software [Mailman, Mohnarc]
  • File Servers [NFS, samba]
  • NIS [Network Information Systems, formerly yellow pages]
  • Web Apps [Mediawiki, Tomcat]
  • Web CMS [drupal, joomla, wordpress]
  • Web Servers [Apache, AOLserver, haproxy, nginx]

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